Emerging startup trends in India

Harpreet Vishnoi
2 min readDec 29, 2021


The secret of finding any emerging sector is to find a task that causes the most amount of friction and pain. You might be thinking duh, we know that. That is exactly the point, even after knowing how much pain the user goes through the processes or incumbent companies remains the same.


Here are some emerging trends and companies:

  1. Banking: [Jupiter Money, Fam Pay, Fi Money] We all hate our retail banking right? If not try accessing your net banking or changing your debit card pin.
  2. Insurance: [Navi, Acko] Half of us are scared of hospital bills even with insurance because we have zero clue how does our insurance work. We don’t know which hospitals are covered in insurance, how much does it actually covers, and the other million questions which our beloved insurance companies don’t tell us about.
  3. Health + Fitness: [Sugar Fit, Ultrahuman] As naval says a healthy man wants 1000 things but a sick man just wants 1 thing. These fitness companies are striking at the knowledge and fitness gaps that our regular gyms have.
  4. Social Media: [Sharechat] Like Facebook but in Indian regional languages. They are reimagining the social media experience for 1.3 billion people. Its early adopters are the generation Z(i.e. the generation before millennials).
  5. Investing Money: [Kuvera, Groww, Paytm Money] Try using SBI or ICICI investing services, and then try these. You will get a VASTT difference in UX. Most of the working professionals think — what should I do with my salary? And for them, these wealth management companies have made the investing journey straightforward and smooth.

Some of these companies are already in the mid-stage and the sectors are getting saturated. This makes me happy since I know that the solution is near.



Harpreet Vishnoi

Carnegie Mellon University| Product Manager | AI Developer