How to be a good manager?

  1. Truth: “You have to be transparent about things which are going on in the company and tell that to people. People are not stupid and can sense the bullshit. People also talk to each other and can find out when you’re lying thereby losing respect for you.”
  2. Be empathetic: Try to genuinely know the people and their life, the company is a small part of it. Ask how their day is or family is. See what problems they are facing in and outside the company. This forms a bond that lasts even after people leave the company.
  3. Get context: If you’re angry at someone for something they didn’t do. First, get the context. See how their life is going and what challenges are they facing. Give them a chance and then explain to them again the situation of what is going on and let them work on it.
  4. Step up people for success in life. Help them grow and learn. If they’re happy they’ll give their best to the company.




Product Manager | Writer | Reader.

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Harpreet Vishnoi

Harpreet Vishnoi

Product Manager | Writer | Reader.

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