Life update (Job at Jupiter Money)

Harpreet Vishnoi
2 min readMar 26, 2022


So, last year Aug 2021 I was watching Elon musk video (my monthly cadence) and he talked about taking risk in life. He said if you don’t take risk when you’re young when will you take risk in life. I thought about the risk, I had the bank balance on which I could stay jobless for 1 year and not ask for help. So, I went ahead to take the leap.

One of my dreams was to work for B2C companies where my products can help millions of people. Also, I wanted to change my field of work to something I was passionate about like fitness, investments, food delivery, AGI and transportation.

So, the 27 year old me, decided to quit my pretty cool job as Product Manager for Platform Pod. I had a chat with my manager Head of Product, CTO and CEO. Told them I want to try new things with life. They were very supportive of my decision and also cautioned me to think it through.

After thinking it through which meant making google sheet with long list of pros and cons, attaching several thought journals and talking to friends. I decided to quit.

Then, I finalised top 8 companies which lied in the field of my interest. I applied to the first company called Jupiter Money. I wrote a 9 page email to the Director of Product on how I vision the company to grow in future and what I can do. I got a call for interview and couple of rounds later, I got the gig.

Now, I work as a Product Manager for Investments Team in Jupiter Money. (Yea, I followed through my dream! ;) )

PS: Applying for jobs is a tuff cookie to crack. I made 200+ pages of product management notes, I practiced for straight 2–3 months, gave tens of interviews, burned out in between, got covid and then got infection. You need to be very clear on your goal. The why and be persistent.