Ultrahuman: To be a cyborg or not?

What is Ultrahuman?

Website Critique

  1. The product positioning is towards fitness enthusiasts as you can see the image of athlete on back drop. I am assuming these fitness enthusiasts are early adopters who want to track their blood glucose to maximize their health.
  2. The website says “Improve your diet and exercise based on glucose biomarkers.” I am assuming people who are buying this product are aware about blood glucose information in general. There are optimizing for maintaining their blood glucose in blood daily. This puts the target audience in a very narrow group.
  3. Using the word “biomarkers” feel redundant. Also, just saying “Improve your diet and exercise based on blood glucose” could have done the job. I am personally against using any heavy words like here use of biomarkers or biohackers since half of the people don’t understand them.
  4. When the website says “Discover Metabolic Fitness”. I assumed it will showcase how metabolic fitness is awesome and changes life of its customers but it doesn’t show that. This is a common question which I have across the website “How does glucose tracking make me better? If I buy it right now, will I be able to lift more or run faster? How does it change my life?”
  1. “Track your blood glucose in real time, and maximize your diet and exercise”. But what’s the connection between maximize diet and glucose? Here, I am aware blood glucose will increase with food but as a person who doesn’t know much about blood glucose there are lots of unknowns I have to connect in order to understand the website. Like when website says maximize your diet does it mean balance your diet or does it literally mean maximize the amount of diet you can have? Maybe they meant “balance your diet and maximize your exercise.”
  1. This is a snapshot of glucose tracking working. A customer can see what impacts his blood glucose like workout reduces it and milkshake increases it. And on top in the image there is a current blood glucose metric. It showcases the product functionality and lot of people who want to track blood glucose this image is the money shot.
  1. Website further goes on to showcase how Ultrahuman app gives you nudges when glucose is high and give you insights daily.
  2. Website could have showcased interactive graphs that combined glucose data with calories burnt, heart rate, blood oxygen and other form of data which a customer might have if they have an apple watch. Thereby showcasing the possibility of becoming a Ultrahuman armed with all that data.
  1. Ultrahuman mobile app is a separate service which customers can avail. This comes free with the Cyborg aka Continuous glucose monitoring kit.
  1. I still am not convinced if this product is worth my personal investment or not. For fitness purposes I didn’t find any convincing data on website that tracking blood glucose is useful. I still have a lot of questions: People who don’t track blood glucose vs people who track, what are the advantages? If I maintain my blood glucose between a range what are the benefits in my fitness? How can I gain muscle faster using glucose information?
  2. A simple google search about “tracking glucose” brought me to this Harvard medical journal(ref)article which says “there is no solid research if this (glucose tracking in non diabetic patients) is useful and just because you can track something doesn’t mean you should.”




Product Manager | Writer | Reader.

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Harpreet Vishnoi

Harpreet Vishnoi

Product Manager | Writer | Reader.

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