Why you should have weekly 1 one 1 with your manager?

  • Feedback: You can ask him/her what you can be doing better. This way you can deliver on what he/company wants leading to happier relationship, respect, and faster promotion (since you’re doing what he/she wants).
  • Improved relationship: In 1 one 1 setting they can be more open to you. Giving you more clarity in your manager’s personality → becoming better buddies.
  • Promotion: You can give him weekly updates and maintain a google document. When promotion is due they can use this google document as reference.
  • Clear doubts: By having 30/45 mins weekly recurring time, you can ask all your doubts around company strategy, life in general, talk at length about your ideas, hear manager perspective on everything which aligns you strongly.

How do you get started?

  1. Text him/her: I am setting weekly 30 minutes call to better align on XYZ.
  2. Maintain a google sheet where you right your updates, doubts, feedback and notes from the meeting. And share it with your manager, so he can read about it and understand where you’re coming from.




Product Manager | Writer | Reader.

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Harpreet Vishnoi

Harpreet Vishnoi

Product Manager | Writer | Reader.

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